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  1. Thank you for a great plugin. Could you explain how to get the “element click” to work? Say for example that I want the modal to load when you click a picture.

  2. Hello thanks so much for creating this great plugin! I was wondering if there is a way to prevent the modal from scrolling the web page to the top when you display a modal on element click?

  3. Hi William- is it possible to manually enter shortcode to create this modal? I have an accordion element within which I have grid blocks, and within these I have grid items into which I’d like to create buttons which trigger modal popups. It isn’t possible to drag elements into the grid items to do this, so I’ve entered the code manually in the grid items like so:

    modal 1

    What is needed to enable your modal to be triggered by the buttons? Thanks so much in advance!

  4. Hi there. I’m trying to use your plugin to open a modal pop when an image is clicked. However, I don’t normally use the Visual Cornerstone. Can you give post an example of how the shortcode looks with an image to open the modal box? Thanks for any help!

  5. This is great! Thanks.
    One question – i’ve noticed it’s built in the ‘old’ Element API. Do we know if these elements will still work as Cornerstone moves toward the new API?

  6. With the recent updates of Cornerstone the modal is no longer working.
    Themeco’s support stated that the modal uses functions that were never intended to be used by third-parties and therefore the modal currently brakes the functionality of the Theme.
    Are we going to see an update?

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Yes and update has been posted. Please re-download and activate. Also, we’ve created a new plugin called the “PowerPack” which contains all the elements in just one plugin, AND it will update via the WordPress updater so future releases won’t have to be re-downloaded. More info here: and download it here:

  7. Hi, I just installed the powerpack plugin, updated to the latest version and tried the modal….one thing it does not recognize the shortcodes.

  8. Hi, in the since the most recent update I have not been able to find a way to insert a gravity form in the modal with the shortcode like in the previous versions. Is there a way to that in this version?

    1. Looks like our most recent update – which fixed allowing HTML in the modal content box – is now not rendering shortcodes. We’ll be publishing a fix for that soon. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  9. Still something it’s wrong…modal not working and getting this error displayed beside the button : ‘, className: ‘vex-theme-wireframe’ }) }) })
    In the element click mode not working either

    1. The same thing happens to me when I enter this shortcode

      [gravityform id="3" name="Connect with a Retail Partner" title="false" description="false" field_values="title_product='.$product_title.'" field_values="sku_product='.$product_sku.'" ajax="true"]

        1. Yes we have identified the issue – it’s with the vex library. We are publishing an update soon which will use a separate one. Look for it by the end of this week.

      1. Yes, i have the same problem. Can you please help us?

        Thanks in advance.

        Kind regards,


        1. Kaspar, we have identified the issue and will be publishing an update soon. Please look for an update by the end of this week.

        2. An update has been published to fix the issue. Please update the PowerPack in your WP admin.

      2. An update has been published to fix the issue. Please update the PowerPack in your WP admin.

    2. An update has been published to fix the issue. Please update the PowerPack in your WP admin.

  10. Since the new version of Cornerstone has arrived the plugin no longer works. Is there any planned updates to support Cornerstone 2.0.5?

    1. Yes, we are planning on keeping things updated. Are you using the Modal plugin by itself, or are you using the Cornerstone PowerPack which also has the Modal element in it?

  11. Hi, thank you for making these elements available. I am trying to add the modal into existing pages, and I want it to be triggered by clicking on an element. What I don’t know how to do is identify the element to link them. I realise this is probably a basic question, but I have made the rest work without too much trouble.

    Thank you again

    1. Hi Joanne, in order to identify the element to link to, you will need to add an ID to element and indicate it within the modal element. I made a short video to show you what I mean here:

  12. Hi, Just downloaded the Powerpack and updated to the latest version. Using Team Member element, however in the modal popup section, no HTML is being rendered. I’m seeing and and instead of being rendered as italics and bold.

    Any ideas?

    1. Hi Louise, we recently fixed this so it can handle shortcodes, we’ll look again to see why HTML isn’t being parsed.

  13. Attempting to update some sites to the newest X/Cornerstone version. When updating the theme, having the modal plugin active makes the dashboard show up blank.

    I tried installing the Powerpack plugin, however all the existing modals show as broken shortcode. I tried recreating one, but it won’t trigger nor will it render the button when attempting to use buttons. It also disappears from the page builder and I have to enable skeleton view to modify or delete.

    Any solutions?

    1. Ryan, the new PowerPack is backwards compatible, but if the modal element installed was from v1 of cornerstone and not updated BEFORE upgrading Cornerstone, then it would show errors. Send me an email and some screenshots if you can and I’ll help you get this fixed:

  14. I can’t seem to get this working with Cornerstone Version 2.0.6 or the latest 2.1.3. Is it still being updated, or is there some other method now?

    I followed William’s MAY 23, 2017 AT 10:11 AM example video above. I’m trying to get a modal based on an image being clicked.

    The button type modal works, but not the ‘Element Click’. In fact, in the latest Cornerstone, after the page is saved, the (now Classic Modal) disappears and is no longer selectable or editable in Cornerstone.

    Any feedback would be great. Thanks!

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